Case study

Dairy Australia: Making the Case for Dairy

In 2020 Haystac dentsu, in collaboration with Cox Inall dentsu, was appointed by Dairy Australia to deliver its PR requirements across industry and consumer markets.


Our remit is to drive positive engagement for the Australian dairy industry, through consumer consumption campaigns, nutrition programs, addressing sustainability and other key issues relevant to the dairy industry.

The project includes integrated earned media, influencer marketing and social media programs. The PR program melds together communication and activations that promote consumption, as well as addressing social licence issues around animal welfare, nutrition and the environmental footprint of dairy.

The Haystac dentsu team focuses on campaign creative and consumer engagement and overall program management.  For industry focused campaigns or policy engagement, Haystac dentsu collaborates with Cox Inall dentsu staff.

Policy and engagement work on dairy as a sustainable diet is one campaign currently being delivered by a combined Haystac dentsu-Cox Inall dentsu team for Dairy Australia to showcase how the dairy industry is redefining its position on the global food chain, particularly through its commitment to providing nutritious food for a healthier world through a sustainable food system.


Cox Inall dentsu and Haystac dentsu continue their role as trusted advisors to Dairy Australia, providing a linkage between consumer expectations of the industry and how Australia’s dairy farmers are delivering on those expectations.